Acer CB242Y: Inexpensive monitor with a reasonably good display

Acer CB242Y monitor

I already had various inexpensive monitors from Acer on my desk. So now the ACER CBC242Y, which costs almost 150 euros *. Since the previous test devices had all made an honest impression, I used to be in fact curious to ascertain whether the CB242Y would be ready to repose on that.

Acer CB242Y monitor display

The core data definitely doesn't sound bad. IPS panel with full HD, many ergonomic functions, compact dimensions. you'll find the precise technical data within the table.

Scope of delivery and assembly: Everything important is included

There are not no surprises here. additionally, to the monitor, you get an influence and an HDMI cable. there's also an influence cord for connections within the UK. As an additional, Acer includes a 3.5mm cable. the standard literature with instruction manual and guarantee forms the top.

Acer CB242Y monitor stand

There isn't much to mention about the structure either. Two minutes and therefore the monitor stops. When fixing it, it's best to go away from the display. Within the styrofoam packaging and clamp the supporting leg. Then you set your foot on and tighten the hand screw. Now just set it up and wire it up - done.

Design and processing: Plain black

You won't find bling, bling, and RGB junk here. The Acer CB242Y may be a simple monitor that does without unnecessary decorations. You get an easy front, on which there's only a wider frame with a structure on the underside. A silver Acer lettering also adorns it. Pleasantly simple.

Design and processing

Acer mainly uses matt black plastic for the CB242Y. This not only looks chic but also has the advantage that you simply hardly see any fingerprints. Only the upper third of the rear is formed of shiny plastic. But since I do not check out them that always, I do not really care.

The supporting leg and therefore the base should be mentioned positively. In both cases, massive metal is hidden under the plastic. This ensures a really secure footing. there's usually no wobbling here. And if you are doing make him shake, he'll recover very quickly. At the foot, you'll also find a rudimentary cable guide, which ensures that your cables aren't completely confused in world history.

Design and processing inside

There is nothing wrong with the workmanship. it's flawless. All parts are flush, the joints are pleasantly stiff without blocking. you'll adjust the peak and incline with one hand with no problems.

The full range of ergonomic functions

With the CB242Y you get the complete range of ergonomics. you'll move the monitor twelve centimeters tall. If you would like to tilt your display, you'll do this too. this is often possible from -5 ° to + 20 °. And it also can be swiveled. Acer writes of a generous 360 °. And this makes it clear that the supporting leg doesn't have a joint, but that you simply rotate the monitor completely. thanks to the round base, this has no effect on the space haunted on your desk.

full range of ergonomic functions

And last but not least, you'll also use the monitor vertically because of the pivot function.

All important connections are included, including the old one

If you've got a fairly modern computer, you'll connect the CB242Y via HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2. those that have used a VGA connection up to now often check out the tube with current monitors. It's different here. Because the monitor features a VGA port. So everyone can use their favorite connection on this monitor.

CB242Y via HDMI

You have to take care though. Acer has this monitor in its portfolio under an equivalent name without a DisplayPort. So look carefully within the shop description to ascertain which version is on offer. My trial version is one of the models without DisplayPort.

acer CB242Y via HDMI

Incidentally, the connections all lead down on the rear. you'll easily attach the monitor to the wall with a really flat VESA bracket.

Clear menu with controls that take getting won't to 

Fortunately, Acer has given the CB242Y a joystick to navigate you thru the menu. It reacts precisely to your inputs and makes navigation very pleasant. There also are three quick selection buttons.

Clear menu with controls

In this context, only the position of the facility button is clumsily solved. It sits above the speed dial buttons and is marked with a minimal hump. However, at the start I had my difficulties recognizing it immediately then I switched the monitor off several times, albeit I just wanted to manage the brightness. So I very quickly switched to using the menu only with the joystick.

Clear menu with controls and stand

The menu itself gives you access to all or any important settings and is clearly structured. Even beginners will find their way around it very quickly.

Bright display with decent colors

With the CB242Y you get an IPS display. Specifically, this suggests that you simply have large viewing angles and therefore the picture only darkens minimally or the colors shift. because of the anti-reflective surface, you'll work well with it even in bright surroundings and you do not need to worry about reflections. Since the frames are pleasantly narrow on three sides, a setup with several monitors also can be implemented.

Bright display with decent colors

You can safely ignore the dynamic contrast information from Acer. This value states by what proportion the lightest pixel at maximum brightness is brighter than the darkest pixel at minimum brightness. and makers wish to measure this in completely unrealistic environments. therefore the value is nothing quite marketing knick-knacks. actually, value is of no use to anyone. note of it with a smile and benevolently ignoring it.

Acer specifies the brightness of the display as 250 cd / m². they're absolutely right about that. The CB242Y achieved 266 cd / m² within the brightest point, and 238 cd / m² within the darkest point. So it's really very even. that's not always the case during this price range.

The colors are vivid and therefore the contrast is perfectly fine for a display during this price range. The black value might be a tad darker but is quite sufficient for everyday use.

Bright display with decent color

The color space coverage is best than expected. 98% sRGB color space makes the Acer CB242Y an appropriate candidate for just about all everyday tasks. AdobeRGB and DCI-P3 are both 76% covered. Occasional work with these color spaces is not a problem.

If you've got an AMD graphics card, gaming is not any problem either, because the CB242Y supports FreeSync. Or in short: the display is basically good considering the worth.

Better to not use internal speakers

Acer has given the CB242Y two 2-watt speakers. that does not sound sort of a lot. and that is exactly how the sound is.

Better to not use internal

The lows are easy to guess and therefore the highs dominate the sound. it's sufficient for infrequent Skype. taking note of music is not any fun and with films, you ought to consider works that are heavily involved in dialogue if you would like to use the interior speakers.

Better get some decent boxes. In any case, you'll have a far better sound.

Conclusion Acer CB242Y: Small all-rounder

The bottom line is that the Acer CB242Y may be a versatile monitor. Office, multimedia, and even light gaming aren't drag for the Acer.

Better to not use back

The contrast is sweet, the colors vivid. Movies and photos are fun on the display. We particularly just like the uniform illumination and therefore the high coverage of the individual color spaces. during a private environment, for instance, image processing is not any problem in the least. to be used during a professional environment, however, I counsel you to use another monitor that features a higher color space coverage and is brighter.

Better to not use

However, the Acer CB242Y is extremely suitable for the house office or front room. So if you're trying to find an inexpensive monitor, you ought to take a glance. For slightly below 150 euros * you cannot fail here.

Many because of everyone who took part. The lucky fairy awarded Thomas the monitor. we glance forward to his evaluation.

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