Acer ED273wmidx within the test: the white VGA knight

Acer ED273

How much monitor does one get for 170 € *? Acer probably asked itself this question with the ED273 and has given the complete HD office monitor trendy housing and an honest panel. you'll determine how well it all works together within the test.

Acer ED273 look

Office and multimedia monitors are a dime a dozen. Most of them look pretty boring too. The Acer ED273, on the opposite hand, tries to face the gang with its design.

 Although it lags behind the competition in one or two places, it's absolutely convincing as an overall package.

Scope of delivery and assembly

Everything for a fast start is included within the scope of delivery of the Acer ED273. additionally to the display, stand and power supply unit, the box also contains a VGA cable, a 3.5mm jack cable for audio, and a Commonwealth plug. 

Acer ED273 look-2

This enables the monitor to be used on sockets within the UK, for instance. The VGA cable and power adapter are both within the same color because of the back of the monitor - nice detail.

Design and workmanship

In terms of design, the monitor relies on an easy appearance. Additionally to the Acer logo on the lower bar, the a grey frame on the front. Only features a small blue status LED that shows whether the Acer ED273 is switched on.

Acer ED273 look new

At first glance, the display is framed by very slim frames on three sides. On closer inspection, however, you'll see that a part of the frame is simply below the display. during a multi-monitor setup, black stripes still exist between the screens.

Acer ED273 display

In addition to the device for a Kensington lock, there's also the 5-way joystick. And therefore the recesses for the integrated speakers on the rear. 

Acer ED273 display 2

Most noticeable on the rear, however, is that the color. A glossy white paint defines the rear of the Acer ED273. that appears and feels good.

In terms of stability, the Acer ED273 is neither better nor worse than other screens of its kind. If the table wobbles, it'll recover for a reasonable amount of your time. Acer relies entirely on plastic for the fabric.

Ergonomic functions

The Acer ED273 doesn't offer much in terms of ergonomic functions. It can't be adjusted tall, nor can it's swiveled to the left or right. 

Acer ED273 back

The screen can a minimum of be tilted to a complete of 20 °. The few ergonomic functions are probably thanks to the very beginner-friendly price.


When it involves connections, the Acer ED273 relies on a classic mix. While the HDMI connection is additionally a part of modern monitors, it's been a couple of years since. 

Acer ED273 screen

I needed a VGA connection and that I personally haven't encounter DVI for an extended time. From my perspective, the monitor almost looks a touch out of date.

Acer ED273 screen

But if you - for whatever reasons - are still hooked on these connections, the Acer ED273 remains an up-to-date monitor on the market that you simply can use.


The menu of the Acer ED273 is operated via a 5-way joystick on the rear. A movement to the proper leads on to the massive menu, with all the standard settings for brightness, contrast, language, etc.

Acer ED273 screen 2

A swipe-down results in the choice of the signal source, where you'll then choose from HDMI, VGA, and DVI. If the joystick is moved up, the menu for adjusting the quantity for the interior loudspeakers opens.

Acer ED273 screen connection

The fact that pressing the joystick doesn't confirm the changes within the menu but switches off the monitor take a touch of getting won't to.


The display of the Acer ED273 may be a VA panel. These sorts of displays aren't particularly fast, which tends to form them uninteresting for gamers. But they score with high contrasts and a natural representation of colors.

Acer ED273 screen connection

The Acer ED273 delivers good leads in terms of color space coverage. within the sRGB color space, it reaches 98% and within the AdobeRGB color space, it reaches 83%. 

Those are solid values if they disqualify the monitor for graphic designers also. But that's quite sufficient for everyday office or multimedia tasks.

Acer ED273 display

After calibration, the colors got a touch warmer and therefore the display brightness decreased by about 10 percent. The Acer ED273 can still convince in terms of illumination. The deviation over the whole 27 inches is about 15%, which isn't noticeable during normal use.


Monitor sound is nearly always a nasty experience. The Acer ED273 is not an exception. the mixture of the tiny boxes with the flat housing simply cannot produce an honest sound because there's no resonance space. 

Acer ED273 inside

The treble tugs at 50% volume and therefore the bass and mids can only be guessed at. Personally, I think that monitors don't need speakers in the least.

Conclusion Acer ED273wmidx

The Acer ED273 is an office and multimedia monitor that scores with its evenly illuminated display and its stylish design. For what the monitor wants to be, it does an honest job.

Acer ED273 inside 2

Anyone trying to find a monitor with these special connections and people. Who can accept the missing ergonomic functions will get tons for his or her money here for 170 € *.

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