Acer G276HLLbmidx within the test: How good maybe a multimedia monitor for 160 euros?

Acer G276HLLbmidx  Monitor

Acer features a penchant for strange monitor names. The name G276HLLbmidx is a cheap multimedia monitor with a TN panel. The 27 “display costs a touch under 160 euros *. I grabbed it and tried out what exactly you get for it.

Acer G276HLLbmidx  Monitor 2

Multimedia monitors do not have to be huge and expensive. they ought to offer enough space for content. The Acer G276HLLbmidx can do that for small money with its large display.

Scope of delivery and assembly

The scope of delivery of the Acer G276HLLbmidx is generous. additionally, to the monitor, you'll find a brief leg and a substitute for the box.

Acer G276HLLbmidx is generous

 There are some cables for this. Specifically, these are IEC cables and charging adapters, the IEC cable for US sockets, a VGA, a DVI, and a 3.5mm audio cable.

 Unfortunately, there's no HDMI cable. in fact, there's also literature. during this case: warranty booklet and manual.

Acer G276HLLbmidx

In principle, Acer has designed the assembly to be simple. in theory, because you simply need to plug the parts into one another and tighten two screws.

 However, Acer uses two different screws here. you'll need a Phillips screwdriver and a slotted screwdriver. a consistent screw solution would are very nice. beat all, the development is quick.

Simple design and good workmanship

For 160 euros * you get a monitor with an easy design without frills. The display takes up the whole front and has pleasantly narrow frames. Only the lower bar is thicker. 

Thankfully, Acer doesn't use any decorative items. there's only an Acer lettering within the middle on the front. 

Simple design

Otherwise, the sole thing left on the front is that the power button, which lights up blue during operation. you'll also find Acer lettering on the rear. But there's nothing more to ascertain.

The G276HLLbmidx is formed entirely of black plastic. the rear is formed of matt material and makes a strong impression. 

Simple design acer

The front strip is formed of glossy plastic. the bottom is additionally made from plastic, which is partly glossy and partly matt. The shiny material looks chic, but unfortunately, it's also a dust catcher.

Acer doesn't make any mistakes when it involves workmanship. you will not find burrs, edges, or uneven gaps here. Nothing creaks or sits loose.

Few ergonomic functions 2

There is one point of criticism, however. The monitor tends to wobble quickly. this is often thanks to the planning. the massive display sits on a narrow leg that's also quite low. 

A more stable construction would are desirable here. For the sake of completeness, it should be said that the monitor quickly catches up again if it starts to wobble.

Few ergonomic functions

You can't expect an excessive amount in terms of ergonomic functions during this price range. The monitor is often tilted, but that's about it.

Few ergonomic functions


To connect the monitor to your computer, you'll use the HDMI port. VGA and DVI-D are available as alternatives.

The connections all cause the rear. you ought to keep this in mind if you would like to connect the monitor to the wall employing a VESA bracket (100x100mm). 


Since the monitor tends to wobble thanks to its construction, you ought to definitely consider this feature.

Clear menu

You can access the menu via five small and barely visible buttons on the rock bottom of the display. this provides you access to all or any of the required settings. 

heavy stand

Among other things, you've got various presets to settle on from the film, graphics, standard, eco, and free space for your personal preferences.

The menu is clearly structured and clearly structured in order. That operation is self-explanatory and doesn't require any words.

Large display with decent color values

In the G276HLLbmidx, Acer has installed a 27 “TN panel with full HD resolution. Most monitors during this price range offer you pretty dark displays. 

Large display

This Acer is an exception. It doesn't achieve the 300 cd / m² specified by the manufacturer. But with a mean of 243 cd / m², you get a usable display here. We measured 260 cd / m² at the highest.

The illumination is essentially even. The values only drop towards the lower edge. But that's only noticeable in lifestyle once you look closely. you'll find the small print within the next graphic

The G276HLLbmidx scores well in terms of color space coverage. 97% of the sRGB color space is roofed. The values for the NTSC and AdobeRGB color spaces also are okay. How the Acer monitor fares as compared to other multimedia monitors are often seen within the graphic.

Large display 2

The color rendering is perfectly fine for everyday use. they're displayed naturally, only the black looks a touch pale. But that's not a drag for the intended purpose.

Surprisingly good sound

Most multimedia monitors during this price range offer a sound quality that's slightly below the tin can telephone. However, the G276HLLbmidx delivers significantly more.

Surprisingly good sound

The sound of the 2 2 watt speakers is pretty balanced for a monitor. thanks to the planning, the depths are only very weak. 

But the excessive emphasis on heights found on many monitors doesn't happen on the G276HLLbmidx. they're more present than the mids, but far away from sounding shrill or clanking. that does not change if you switch the quantity up all the way.

Surprisingly good sound 2

With the speakers' low wattage, the monitor isn't excessively loud. For the occasional Skype or YouTube, it's sufficient with no problems. For a movie night, you ought to get yourself sensible boxes if you would like to know something about the sound

Conclusion Acer G276HLLbmidx

The Acer G276HLLbmidx offers you an inexpensive overall package. The display is large and bright enough for this price range. The processing offers no cause for complaint.

Acer G276HLL

If you're trying to find an inexpensive monitor for the office, you ought to take a better check out the Acer.

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