Acer Nitro 5 - a quick gamer with rough edges

  Acer Nitro 5

The Acer Nitro 5 comes as a gaming notebook with a really fast 120 Hz display. Additionally, you get a really fast SSD. With an Intel® Core ™ i5 processor and an Nvidia GPU of the newest generation. Our test clarifies how the angular gaming notebook performs in lifestyle 

Acer Nitro 5 look

Scope of delivery - clear

As is typical for a laptop, the packaging comes with a handle and - aside. The lettering on the front - is kept rather simple.

In addition to the laptop, the facility supply unit is additionally within the box. this is often dimensioned relatively expansive. No wonder, since we are handling a true gaming notebook here.

Acer Nitro 5 box

 Fortunately, there's hardly any plastic and Acer mainly uses cardboard. a really forward-looking addition is that the HDD upgrade cable. we'll take a better check out this under "Upgrade".

Design and processing - with corners and edges

The design language of the Nitro 5 can only be described as "clear." because the notebook makes no secret of its gaming claim with its rough edges. 

I'm more of a lover of minimalist approaches, but you've got to admit to Acer that they continue to be coherent here. The beveled corners and many air vents fit this picture nicely.

Design and processing

In addition, the surface features a honeycomb pattern on the edges. while a clear varnish on plastic awaits you within the middle.

The center part really likes fingerprints and is an honest indicator of the fat content of your skin. Carrying a cleaning cloth with you'll help here.

Huge air outlets await you on the rear, behind which you'll see the 2 active fans. On the lower rubber feet, you'll also find two air outlets, which on closer inspection end up to be speakers.

 In return, the four rubber studs skills to please, because they're sufficiently large. And keep the notebook in a great position even during heated gaming sessions.

Acer Nitro 5 Design and processing

A nice detail is that the red decorative strip on the hinge of the notebook, which shows the name "Nitro" facing you.

The feel of the Nitro 5 is sweet overall. The display lid bends a touch with light pressure, but the gaps within the plastic case fit perfectly. 

The hinge holds the display in situ and barely gives way even when the table wobbles. When the laptop is closed, you'll open it with one hand and adjust it with little effort.

Acer Nitro 5 Design

The red accents continue from within. So you get a classy decorative strip around the mouse pad and buttons labeled in red. There also are highlighted gaming buttons. 

The display edges are pleasantly thin on the edges. But there's an honest chin pointing downwards, on which the Acer lettering is emblazoned.

Connections - Almost everything is out there 

Acer Nitro 5 Design 2

Due to the massive air inlet on the proper side. the remaining area for connection options is comparatively small. Nevertheless, the Nitro 5 offers almost everything you would like in your lifestyle. 

Two USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 Type-C port provide a quick connection to the peripherals. An older USB 2.0 port is additionally available for the gaming mouse.

 For LAN parties, the obligatory LAN port and a 3.5mm jack for microphone and headphones shouldn't be missing.

The only downer is Acer's lack of an SD card reader. Especially once you travel tons together with your camera, it's often worth gold. For the Nitro 5, you've got to urge an adapter

Display - fast, non-glare, but imprecise

Acer Nitro 5 Design Display

The display of the Nitro 5 features a screen diagonal of 39 cm and is predicated on the tried and tested IPS technology. This promises high viewing angles with good response times. 

The refresh rate may be a lot of fun because it ensures that your games are often played smoothly and without tearing. Shooters like Fortnite, CS Go, or Apex Legends really enjoy this. 

Working with Windows is just more fun because everything is more responsive. Once you've got a 120 Hz display, you do not want to travel back to the quality 60 Hz.

The uniformity of the illumination, however, is successful. A deviation of around 15% is completely within the bounds. The brightness might be better, but it's sufficient for everyday use in brighter surroundings as Acer offers you a matte display. This ensures a display without many reflections.

Keyboard and touchpad - precise and well made

I m much more positively surprised by the Acer Nitro 5's keyboard. It offers good tactile feedback and is well made. The keys offer a clear resistance and you do not have the sensation of tapping on air.

 To try to do this, they need sufficient distance in order that you are doing not hit the incorrect button within the heat of the (shooter) battle.


There are many - far more expensive - notebooks with significantly poorer keyboards. The red keyboard lighting is certainly a matter of taste, but it goes well with the remainder of the red accents on the Acer.

The touchpad is additionally convincing, although most gamers will probably attach a mouse to the Nitro 5 after a brief time. It's not entirely clear whether it's Microsoft Precision certification.

 But a minimum of this impression is made by the fast display. During testing, I kept catching myself switching to the touchpad, which was shifted slightly to the left while surfing.

Software - Some bloatware installed

Microsoft's Windows 10 house is preinstalled in our model. Unfortunately, there are also tons of useless bloatware with it. Additionally, to the obligatory Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga. 

You'll find the GeoTrust password manager and therefore the minimum of passable Norton Anti-Virus on the Nitro 5.

Software - Some bloatware installed

There also are a couple of programs that come from Acer and are intended to assist you to control the notebook in lifestyle. None of the programs is completely necessary. If you do not want to use it, you'll easily uninstall it.

Performance - 1080p gaming is ok 

In everyday use, the Nitro 5 is extremely efficient altogether office. Applications, surfing, or streaming. The built-in 1 TB SSD is that the real star here.

 Because it achieves really fast values in our benchmarks and fits into the upper range of the storage media tested. It achieves read rates of quite 2600 MB / s and is additionally good at writing with a touch over 1500 MB / s.

1080p gaming is ok

In our new Lightroom benchmark, the Nitro 5 exports 20 raw files in only 59 seconds. A Ryzen 3700U AMD took 31 seconds longer to finish an equivalent task. The fast SSD features a positive effect here.

Even more demanding tasks like light video editing or Photoshop. Sessions are not any problem because of the hardware equipment. during this case, the utmost limit is that the display. 

Thanks to the built-in GTX 1650 and therefore the high single-thread performance of the Intel® Core ™ i5 processor. you ought to be ready to display most current games at medium settings fully HD and 60 frames per second.

 However, if you actually want to form use of the 120 Hz display, you'll mostly need to cope with low settings or a lower resolution.

Acer 1080p gaming is ok

In the Far Cry 5 benchmark, the Nitro 5 achieved a mean of 53 frames in high settings and Full HD - an honest value. If you switch the settings right down to "Low", it's on average around 80 FPS.

 That's still an extended way from the high frame rates at which the 120 Hz screen can fully demonstrate its class. Nevertheless, it already delivers a way smoother gaming experience than 60 Hz monitors.

Battery - more sort of a sprinter than a marathoner 

As with other gaming notebooks, the Nitro 5's battery is not the most durable either. For our test, we set it to 74% screen brightness so as to realize the targeted 200 cd / m². they're already quite sufficient for working in a bright office. 

Acer Battery

With this set, you'll get around four hours of the time period with moderate surfing and texting. "More battery efficiency" is already set because the battery profile for this, which slightly throttles the Intel® Core i5 CPU on the go. 

The integrated Intel UHD 630 solution is employed because of the standard GPU without a connected charger. it's easily sufficient for 4k streaming in 60fps.

If you would like a touch more power, set the profile to "Best Performance" in order that you'll access the Nvidia GPU on the go. 

Photoshop and Co. are displayed smoothly by the Intel® Core ™ i5 CPU even when on the move. In lifestyle, however, you simply get around ninety minutes of battery life.

Acer Battery area

Overall, the Acer Nitro 5 offers a mean battery life. this suggests that it's best to only leave the house with a charger. Nevertheless, it ranks within the top third of the ranks of gaming notebooks.

Emissions - tons of wind

For a gaming notebook - with what seems like 100 air outlets - the Acer Nitro 5 remains very elegant in everyday use. If you watch a YouTube video or edit some pictures in an office environment, you'll not hear it in the least. 

You simply need to expect a particular ground noise for more computationally intensive tasks, like gaming. In our assay, it had been a minimum of clearly audible right next thereto. 

Emissions  tons of wind

 Even under load in battery mode, it barely exceeds 50 degrees - an impressive value. If you then connect the charger. The facility consumption of the Intel® Core ™ i5 processor skyrocket. And therefore the temperatures accordingly.

Acer Nitro 5 temperatures

The temperature of the case is kept within limits even under load. At 24 degrees temperature, the i5 then reaches up to 88 degrees. The GPU stays at a really good 68 degrees.

 The case remains extremely cool and only gets lukewarm above the keyboard

Upgrade - tons is feasible - but not as easy because it wont to be

As already mentioned, Acer even includes an HDD upgrade cable with the Nitro 5. The upgrade option is thus almost within the cradle of the notebook. In fact, access to the inside is comparatively easy.

 However, previous models of the Nitro 5 even came with a maintenance hatch. This made upgrading even easier. 

Acer Nitro 5 temperatures

With the present model, you've got to loosen the twelve screws, which work with a traditional Phillips screwdriver. Then you would like a skinny plastic spatula to pry off the whole back.

In the interior, you'll not only find a free RAM slot, but also a 2.5-inch HDD / SSD slot and an area for an additional PCIe SSD. So you'll upgrade the Acer Nitro 5 significantly in a few years.

Sound - quite remarkable

To be honest, the sound of the Acer Nitro surprised me. The 2 small speakers reproduce music that's heavy within the middle and high frequencies alright. 

Even at maximum volume, nothing screeches in your ears and you even have a small stereo image - sitting ahead of the laptop.

The low-frequency range, however - needless to say - doesn't exist. In return, the Acer Nitro 5 simply lacks volume or a resonance chamber. 

If you've forgotten your headset, Nitro's small speakers are an honest replacement. The occasional Netflix series also can be watched with no problems. 

The speakers aren't particularly loud, but they're sufficient for little rooms. Overall, the Acer Nitro delivers a really good performance here.

Conclusion Acer Nitro 5

You can tell from the very arithmetic mean that Acer is fully committed to gaming with the Nitro 5 series. All the properties available for this are good to excellent. 

The display provides you with a superb refresh rate for shooters. And therefore the interaction of the Intel® Core ™ -i5 processor and GPU is powerful enough.

Acer Nitro 5 ok

The SSD is that the secret star of the Nitro 5 because it's extremely fast and also comes within the small m.2 form factor.

 This leaves enough space for the installation of an HDD and therefore the RAM also can be expanded very easily. The input devices also are convincing: 

The keyboard features a good point and is extremely pleasant to type. The touchpad works precisely and also benefits from the fast display.

Overall, you get faster CPUs and more memory within the price range of up to 1000 €. However, you'll often need to do without a quick 120 Hz display.

 If that's a knockout criterion for you, then also take a glance at the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DU-AL052. Although the AMD Ryzen 3750H offers a touch less performance than the i5-9300H. 

Acer Nitro 5 software

You enjoy a significantly stronger graphics card in ASUS TUF Gaming - with the 1660 Ti. This offers up to 70% more performance. For this, you've got to measure with half the SSD storage and buy a Windows license.

The Acer Nitro 5 offers an all-around carefree package with installed Windows 10. Good input devices, strong sound, and good workmanship - while Asus comes alongside more gaming performance. 

You've got to make a decision for yourself what's ultimately more important to you. you'll not go much wrong with either of the 2 devices.

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