Acer Nitro XV272UP - gaming and photo editing on one monitor?

Acer Nitro XV272UP

With 27 inches and a 1440p resolution, you always get a superb compromise between image sharpness. And high frame rates when gaming. If you mix that with a high-quality IPS panel and HDR capability, you'll quickly enter high regions in terms of price. At currently € 400 *, the Acer Nitro XV272UP is fairly priced for its extensive feature set. First of all, convince yourself with a glance at the info sheet of the monitor:

Scope of delivery and assembly - full equipment and tool-free assembly

At first glance, the scope of delivery is generous: The box contains an influence cable, an uplink cable, and a calibration report. However, it's a touch strange that Acer doesn't include a DisplayPort cable. With the included HDMI cable, you'll also enjoy the complete UWQHD resolution and 144Hz frame rate.  

Acer Nitro XV272UP look

A minimum of if your graphics card has an HDMI 2.0-capable output. Recently, it's been more and more common for manufacturers to refrain from adding an uplink cable. Fortunately, that's not the case here. this suggests that each one functions of the XV272UP are available to you right from the beginning. a fast start guide and a driver CD also are included within the box.

Acer Nitro XV272UP setup

Assembly may be a breeze. you do not need any tools, you merely screw the stand to the stand employing a hand screw. Then you hang the monitor with a click mechanism on the leg.

Under the suspension with the press mechanism. There are four more pre-drilled holes for a VESA 100 × 100 wall or table mount.

Design and workmanship - subtle and top quality 

The pillar and base each accompany a really chic and subtle design. The round base and therefore the elongated, metal leg leaves the otherwise angular gamer to look to the left. Only a red ring round the lower part of the supporting leg whispers "Gaming" to you. 

Acer Nitro XV272UP setup Design

Otherwise, the Acer XV272UP could even be within the executive suite. Or within the hip designer loft and wouldn't attract any longer attention. I prefer that considerably. It also underlines the claim that Acer should market the monitor to gaming professionals. the sole small drawback is that the lack of cable routing.

If you do not have a further cable clip, power and video cables hang ugly from behind the monitor. On the opposite hand, the stand is extremely stable and also takes up little space on the desk - an honest combination.

If you simply check out the monitor, the primary thing you notice is that the very thin display bezels. With its high refresh rate, enthusiasts can even use a multi-monitor setup to experience it. Racing games or flight simulators in the ultimate immersive way.

Acer Nitro XV272UP Design

The lower side may be a bit thicker and features a slightly fluted design. Fingerprints, therefore, have little chance. The blue status LED shines towards you at the rock bottom right.

A slightly less minimalist design awaits you on the rear. The upper air outlets converge in an arrow shape and emerge from the remainder of the housing. Acer now also uses plastic that appears like brushed metal. it's nice initially, but after 5 minutes of assembly, it's so filled. With fingerprints that you simply are happy that you do not have to ascertain them often.

Acer Nitro XV272UP Design look

I really just like the design language of the Acer XV272Up. She hits the proper mixture of minimalism and adult gaming. Since I personally wish to limit image editing and gaming to at least one monitor. And can't stand RGB bling, this is often precisely the right thing on my behalf of me. additionally, the processing is basically impressive. The gaps are very small and therefore the plastic is solidly made.

Ergonomic functions - anything is feasible.

In terms of ergonomic functions, everything is obtainable to you that's possible. you'll adjust the peak of the Acer Nitro XV272 12cm, turn it around during a circle on its round base and tilt it from -5 to +20 degrees.

Ergonomic functions

Nowadays, I can not manage without height and inclination adjustment. Because looking down continuously can quickly cause neck pain.

Pivot adjustment is additionally possible with no problems. this could please editors and coders especially. With its extensive setting options, the Acer Nitro XV272Up should be in the perfect position for nearly any desk setup.

Connections - well positioned

With two HDMI 2.0s and one DisplayPort 1.4, the Acer Nitro XV272UP has many modern video connections. you'll use it to attach your Playstation and Xbox also as your home PC. you'll connect devices for audio playback, like headphones, to the monitor via the three .5mm connection.

Ergonomic functions

The Acer Nitro also comes with a USB hub. It offers four USB-A 3.0 ports and an uplink port. Two of them are conveniently placed on the left side of the monitor. So you'll reach them very easily and you do not need to reach around the monitor first.

In addition to the connection for the classic IEC power line, there's also a classic on-and-off button. a tool for a Kensington lock should also not be missing. If you've dragged your monitor to a LAN party, you'll secure it with this.

Menu - excellent navigation, plenty of options, and a pleasant look

Acer has made the menu of the Nitro XV272UP minimalist. It pops up at the rock bottom right of the screen and offers you optimal navigation with a joystick. The latter is additionally on the lower right side and has three quick selection buttons above it. The on-and-off button towers over this. If you press the "Menu" button, the OSD opens.

excellent navigation, plenty of options

With a double click on the joystick, you land within the menu, which is additionally clearly extensive. For many, the gaming modes are in fact particularly important. Here you'll activate an overdrive to enhance the reaction time of your display. Unfortunately, the setting doesn't make much difference in practice. And at the very best level, it quickly results in unsightly ghosting.

excellent navigation

To get a plus in PUBG, Fortnite, or Apex Legends. You'll also activate three different crosshairs within the center of the image. An FPS counter is in fact also on board,

in the quick selection you furthermore may have three ready-made gaming color modes available. "Action", "Race" and "Sport". However, I might recommend that you simply do without these and choose "Standard", "sRGB" or "HDR" instead. The monitor also achieves its best brightness values within the latter.

By the way, you'll change the fast selection buttons under the "System" setting as you would like.

Display - good color accuracy, great viewing angles, and excellent color space coverage

Now we come to the foremost important point of a monitor - its display. Because what is the point if he disappoints here? Fortunately, the Acer Nitro XV272UP can add even more to the positive external impressions. so as to elicit its secrets from the panel, we've tried our Spyder Elite. and therefore the color space coverage surprised us enormously. With 100% sRGB, 89% AdobeRGB, and 93% DCI-P3, it surpasses all of its gaming rivals far and away.

Even some graphics monitors cannot continue here. Unfortunately, the screen's color homogeneity is disappointing with a Delta-E of a maximum of 6.8 at the upper edge. Unfortunately, a minimum of at maximum brightness. The color rendering cannot remain constant altogether in areas of the display.

excellent navigation 2

The factory-set color fidelity is good. Acer doesn't advertise the Nitro XV272 with a "Color Accuracy" sticker on the lower left for nothing. Although the navy tones disappoint our Spyder with a Delta-E of 5.64, the remaining values are excellent. This results in a Delta-E mean of 1.77.

So you'll start directly to hold out color-critical work - like with Photoshop, Premiere, or Lightroom. The gamma value is additionally important here. during this case, the Nitro makes it precisely to 2.2. The displayed white point remains a little penalty. With 6800-7000K, the white monitor may be a bit too cool. the perfect value here would be 6500K.

But the brightness can inspire. Because of its HDR400 certification, the monitor can selectively manage up to 400 nits. Although this value isn't achieved over the whole surface. It's still convincing with a mean of very bright 327.2 nits. the sole weakness here is that the illumination. On the left and within the middle, the nitro is significantly brighter than on its edges. But that's still better than bright areas within the edges of the screen. These can get really annoying with films with letterbox bars.

The difference between the lightest and therefore the darkest point is merely 11.05%. you'll hardly be ready to tell this difference with the eye. Only the minimum brightness of the Nitro XV272UP is often a touch annoying. This is often around 76 nits, which remains very bright and may quickly. Becomes uncomfortable for the eyes when working in dark rooms.

Acer Screemn

Unfortunately, the contrast isn't quite convincing - but that's thanks to the planning. Because an IPS panel cannot continue with a VA panel in terms of contrast. In return, you're offered outstanding perspectives. No matter whether you're watching the screen within the middle. Diagonally below or from above, colors and contrast remain constant.

This is particularly important for image processing. the required contrast value of 1000: 1 is clearly surpassed by the Nitro with 1214: 1. A VA panel would achieve about 3 times this value. But would need to struggle with color shifting and poorer viewing angles. If you do not care about the viewing angles. And you actually need a better contrast, then also take a glance at the AOC QC27G2U,

In contrast to the present, the Acer Nitro offers you a 10-bit panel and thus 1.06 billion colors. HDR400 isn't particularly relevant to the present. The monitor becomes significantly brighter. But without a fanatical "local dimming" capability. The increased dynamic range and contrast are of little use. "Local dimming" describes the power to specifically control parts of the background lighting. And to dim them counting on the image content. This increases the contrast enormously. At the instant, however, there are hardly any monitors which will do that properly.

incredibly fast and without streaks

"Local dimming" is merely prescribed from VESA HDR600. And is then usually only implemented in only a few zones. Which frequently provide strong flashlight effects in dark scenes.

Gaming - incredibly fast and without streaks

Adaptive-Sync can even be found in cheaper monitors lately. Acer goes a couple of steps further with the Nitro XV272UP. Additionally to FreeSync for AMD graphics cards. The monitor also offers full G-Sync compatibility. alongside its refresh rate of 144Hz, the monitor offers you good conditions to offer you a plus in fast games.

The high pixel density of 109 PPI ensures pleasantly sharp images. With its 1440p resolution, the monitor doesn't overwhelm even mid-range graphics cards and. Its fast refresh rate ensures a really good gaming experience.

incredibly fast

From an Nvidia RTX 2060 Super or an AMD RX 5700 (XT) you ought to be ready to calculate enough frames per second. To form good use of the monitor's adaptive frame rate.

For example, if you wish to play Fortnite, Apex Legends, or PUBG. Then you'll have tons of fun with the Acer Nitro XV272UP. you only shoot and loot through all areas far more smoothly. If you currently have a weaker graphics card on your PC. You'll lower the resolution of the Acer Nitro and also get a pleasing gaming experience at 144Hz in 1080p.

Sound - not that good in the least

The built-in gaming features, like the frame counter or the three crosshairs, are a pleasant bonus. The latter especially can offer you advantages within the heat of the instant. you ought to only choose a model with a TN panel and 240Hz if the last little bit of refresh rate is vital for you. However, TN panels have significantly poorer viewing angles, color representations, and contrast values.

Sound - not that good in the least 

Now we come to the usually worst part of a monitor test: the hearing test of the built-in loudspeakers. The Acer has two 2 watt speakers. Up to almost 60% volume, voices and instruments still sound reasonably okay. They definitely distort, but the shortage of volume will make your ears stand the sound for a short time. However, from 70% it becomes very biting. thanks to the planning, there's no basis in the least and is reproduced by a flat clap.

Sound - not that good in the least

If you rarely watch YouTube videos and like to spend the time ahead of the pc in silence, then the built-in boxes are ok. Otherwise, you ought to hang your headphones or an external system on the jack connector of the Acer XV272UP. The Nitro isn't alone with this performance. just about all monitors have poor speakers.

Conclusion Acer Nitro XV272UP: Cool all-rounder combines gaming and image processing

I really liked the Acer Nitro XV272UP. On the one hand, this is often thanks to the minimalist and classy exterior. It combines gaming and understatement with a spread of practical ergonomic functions. The Acer's IPS panel is additionally convincing. 

With its high color accuracy, extremely wide color spaces, and really good viewing angles. The monitor is additionally ideal for semi-professional image processing.

Conclusion Acer Nitro XV272UP

The main focus is in fact on the gaming ability of the Acer Nitro XV272UP, despite the dignified appearance. Because of its fast frame rate, sharp resolution, and fast reaction time. The monitor is fully equipped for adaptive frame rate standards. (G-Sync-Compatible, FreeSync) looks excellent. Additionally, it's calibrated so well that you simply can easily take it.

 For film enjoyment or image editing. It costs significantly but most of its competitors. Its only weaknesses are the high minimum brightness. And therefore the homogeneity of colors. The latter is especially important when the display is at its maximum brightness. Which is never needed thanks to the strong background lighting.

Acer Nitro XV272UP

On the entire, Acer manages the balancing act between gaming and image processing with the XV272UP. By the way, if you absolutely need a 4K resolution. and go even more within the designer direction, you'll take a glance at the Acer ConceptD. For this, however, you've got to dig tons deeper into your pocket.

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