ACER X1623H projector - the bright all-rounder for small money

 ACER X1623H projector

For thrifty sports and residential cinema fans, Acer has a stimulating projector on offer. The X1623H delivers tons of features for cash. A high contrast and a really bright lamp - with which you'll still enjoy sports and films even in daylight. These are excellent prerequisites for a current price of € 400. With the built-in TDLP chip, you furthermore may get a Full HD + resolution within the unusual 16:10 format. The test clarifies whether this is often a plus or an obstacle.

ACER X1623H projector 2

After all television manufacturers have said goodbye to 3D. Acer projectors are already offering entry-level products. Cinema buffs can keep their 3D Blu-Rays for a short time. 

Football fans are already trying to find options to experience. The anniversary European Championship next year on the most important possible screen. With a screen diagonal of up to 300 inches, 

The Acer is right for maintaining even a little stadium. The 3,500-lumen lamp is even sufficient for a lawn party with friends.

Connections - Everything for video, but no USB input

With 1x HDMI 1.4 and 1x HDMI / MHL, you've got installed the foremost important connections for home cinema. Unfortunately, Acer doesn't have a USB input. you'll only charge USB devices on the projector via a USB-A output.

ACER X1623H projector USBN

 In my opinion, this is often definitely a failure, but it's probably thanks to the worth. Plug-and-play from the USB player or maybe a WLAN capability would in fact are good for the Acer. But at the present price of € 400 * you'll only complain to a limited extent.

After all, the 3D glasses are often charged directly on the projector via USB power output. additionally, Acer provides an RS-232 interface for control and audio output via a 3.5mm jack. Basically, everything you would like 

Accessories - more could are done here

When unpacking the accessories, I used to be a touch disappointed. It's annoying that Acer only includes a VGA cable rather than an HDMI cable. But they do not save on the batteries for the remote.

ACER X1623H projector USB Setting

 Within the case of cheaper devices especially.  it can often happen that manufacturers forego this bonus themselves. Since the 3D capability of the projector is heavily advertised by Acer, 

I might have liked a minimum of a pair of 3D glasses as a supplement. So you've got this, for instance here buy more themselves.

Very bright lamp with DLP technology

The 3,500-lumen lamp ensures that you simply can use the projector well in daylight. Garden parties at the EM next year should be okay thereupon. 


However, the projector can reach its limits in glaring sunlight. So here it's better to attend the evening games and cheer for the buddies at dusk. The uniformity of the illumination is 80% and is extremely decent for this price range.

Source: Texas Instruments / YouTube

Acer uses widespread DLP technology for the projection. The white light of the lamp is colored by a color circle (usually within the colors red, green, and blue) and focused on a DLP chip. 

The built-in mirrors of the DLP chip then transmit the sunshine for the corresponding image information via the lens to the screen. the whole image hits the projection surface in layers, so to talk.

ACER X1623H projector remote

The human eye only sees the general picture. Some projectors with this technology have a further filter installed ahead of the color. 

Wheel and must get replaced after a particular period of your time. However, the Acer isn't one among them and offers an exemplary filter and maintenance-free solution.

Clear remote and controls

The remote of the projector is sort of handy. Acer doesn't have a backlight, but because of the beamer's bright lamp, you'll usually be ready to see where your fingers find yourself in the dark.

ACER X1623H projector look

 Many of the projector's functions are often jumped to directly using special buttons on the remote. Without having to shimmy through the various settings.

Acer has also placed a couple of keys on the highest of the projector. Quite practical if the cat or the couch has "eaten" the remote again.


The image is often set for all sources, lighting conditions, and tastes via the menus and therefore the many submenus. The menus are displayed within the center of the image.

Changes are displayed immediately, so you'll see immediately how the image changes. The menu structure of the settings is straightforward and you'll find your way around quickly.

ACER X1623H projecto setting

Using the keystone correction, the image is often aligned horizontally directly on top of the projector ( 40 degrees). this suggests that the Acer X1623H also can be found out a touch to the side of the projection surface.

Plenty of options for image quality

The Acer X1623H has many functions for image optimization. With Acer Color Boost 3D, the projector is in a position to project lifelike colors over the whole life cycle of the lamp - both in 2D and 3D modes. 

Because of the LumiSense technology, a brightness sensor also ensures. That your projector detects The ambient light. Supported these values, the color saturation. And therefore the set brightness is automatically adjusted.

ACER X1623H projecto setting 2

This worked quite well within the practical test, but it led to reduced black levels when films were made in moderately bright rooms.

However, it's useful for a football in the garden or a lighter front room. Because the green of the lawn shines more strongly and you'll definitely see more. If LumiSense annoys you an excessive amount, you'll simply switch it off.

The solid picture even without a canvas

In normal mode, the image is output with 3,500 ANSI lumens. In economy mode, the sunshine output drops to a powerful 2,800 ANSI lumens. The ventilation is additionally significantly quieter.

ACER X1623H projecto

 In bright rooms, you ought to use the traditional model. In darkened rooms, you'll use the economy mode with no loss. 

The contrast is 10,000: 1, in order that many details are often seen even in dark scenes. The image is often optimally adapted to the projection surface using many functions.

Even if you would like to project it directly onto a wall, the Acer lamp delivers quite useful results:

Here you'll see the pattern of the wallpaper up close. But with a touch distance that's a thing of the past with white walls and you'll enjoy a movie or a game even without a screen. So you'll take the projector with you to friends and do not need to carry the screen with you.

Very good screen performance and a stately picture at a brief distance

With a canvas, you'll in fact get a way better picture. We unpacked our stand screen and had it irradiated from a distance of three meters. 

The Acer has positively surprised the whole editorial staff, because from a distance of just three meters. It already has a powerful diagonal of two .33 m or 91 inches.

Very good screen performance

This gives you that real cinema feeling even in small rooms. Because the perceived resolution and color fidelity also are convincing.

 Our Lord of the Rings BluRay looks razor-sharp from two to 3 meters. the colors look very natural within the "Cinema" mode but are slightly desaturated. 

However, they will be individually adapted and after a touch of fiddling around. The Acer delivers an impressive performance - for its price range. you usually need to remember that there's a 400 Euro projector * ahead of you, because optically what's offered plays a couple of leagues higher.

Especially with films, the high contrast of 10,000: 1 is additionally appealing. This suggests that the X1623H isn't the foremost contrast-rich projector. 

But it leaves the latest televisions behind in dark rooms. Within the case of the Lord of the Rings, the clouds of smoke within the picture illuminate and brighten the space. 

While the black tones - for instance under benches - encounter as nice and dark and provides the image atmosphere.

Strong performance in daylight

The Acer X1623H also delivers a robust end in daylight. In our “editorial cinema” the sun really shines directly through the window. 

And even then you'll still see everything in maximum brightness with no problems. Sure, the image is certainly more washed out than during a completely darkened room. but the projector is additionally suitable here for football or the occasional gaming session.

No HDR - but brighter than more expensive devices

However, you've got to try to do without HDR. There are only a couple of price ranges above that. For instance, for currently 600 euros within the Acer Nitro G550. 

Very good  performance

With which you get some gaming features, but also a lamp that you simply can only really use in dark rooms. The Acer V6810 is additionally not suitable for outdoors but is provided with 4K and HDR. 

We had it within the test here, although it's during a league of its own for movie buffs. This is additionally reflected in the price of just about 800 euros *.

The very bright lamp still makes the affordable X1623H a far better choice to be used in lighter rooms. The Acer X1623H also easily achieves the promised 3500 lumens and thus beats the mentioned projectors by quite 50%. For the present price, there's nothing which will continue.

The 16:10 resolution: more advantages than disadvantages

Acer's decision to use a 16:10 format for the resolution seems a touch strange. this is often probably aimed primarily at office users. If you use the projector in its native mode, you'll get black "letterbox" bars at the highest and bottom of most TV channels, films, and series. 

But that's not as bad because it may sound now because the projector can simply be operated in normal Full HD and thus 16: 9 format.

Acer New look

The restrictions mentioned only apply if the utmost resolution is to be applied. this is often advantageous, for instance, if you connect the projector to your computer. 

In Powerpoint presentations, the extra space - like the remainder of the Windows desktop - is welcome and simply supported.

PC gamers can only cash in on the marginally higher resolution. because for them more image area ultimately means higher immersion and a sharper image.

 You furthermore may have more advantages than disadvantages in desktop mode on YouTube. While the video title covers a part of the image during a "normal" 16: 9 YouTube video, you get the whole video here. This leaves you more room above and 

below, e.g. for the play bar. If you would like to attach your PC or laptop, I might therefore always advise you to use the native resolution.

Acer New look 2

Only console fans don't enjoy this, because they appear into the tube or at the black bars: formats aside from 16: 9 aren't supported by PS4 (Pro) or Xbox One (X). However, this is often hardly really annoying, since the switch to 16: 9 works so smoothly on the Acer.

Sound - Sufficient only in exceptional cases

For the sound, Acer has integrated a speaker with 10 watts within the X1623H. this is often located on the proper side and unfortunately doesn't fire downwards. that might have a minimum of given me some bass hopes. 

10W is decent, but the mono sound from the side then nips even the thinnest cinematic ambitions within the bud. generally, you ought to only check out the built-in loudspeaker as an emergency solution, because all depths are missing.

This is what happened with our screening of the Lord of the Rings. within the opening sequence wont to be"> I used to be used to a deep bass reception, which reverberates up to Hell of my stomach. 

That was missing here - without surprise - completely. When watching films, the sound falls by the wayside. like all projectors, the subsequent applies: Only with the proper audio system can your front room or hobby room become a cinema.

Here it's advisable to attach an external soundbar or to output the sound via HDMI via a hi-fi system. With the HDMI-ARC connection, the Acer X1623H is ideally equipped for this. 

For a soccer game within the garden. The interior loudspeaker is sufficient for the nonce - the loudspeaker gets voices surprisingly well. However, you and your guests need to look out of the stadium atmosphere yourself.

Operating volume - Too loud in normal mode, satisfactory in "ECO"

I didn't just like the volume the maximum amount. Because although Acer specifies 31 DBA (standard). the projector is often heard very clearly at maximum brightness. this is often presumably thanks to the tiny fan and therefore the very bright lamp. 

If you use it within the more durable ECO mode, you not only protect the environment but also your ears, because here the projector is all the more elegant.

Especially within the dark, I might always advise you to use this mode so as to be ready to really enjoy quieter epics or horror films. small noise is in fact still present, but it takes a back seat.

 In louder surroundings - like at a lawn party or during a family celebration in a brightly lit room. The Acer's volume takes a back seat in normal mode and is not any longer too annoying.

Low power consumption in standby

The Acer projector has several lamp power settings. In normal mode, the projector needs about 298 watts. the facility consumption drops to ~ 221 watts in ECO mode.

 If the projector is transitioned, only 0.7 watts are required. Some opponents are quite tenfold enough in stand-by.

 In normal mode, the relatively high power requirement is reflected within the heat development. On hot summer days, it can quickly become stuffy in small rooms.

Maintenance - Inexpensive and with an honest supply situation

If after many months and years (3,500 hours with standard and 10,000 hours in ECO) the sunshine output of the lamp is low, it is often easily replaced. 

 the left side of the projector, there's a little screw that holds a part of the housing cover in situ. After loosening the screw, you'll easily remove the left part of the duvet so as to exchange the lamp unit.

 A protective film tells you again that you simply should wear protective goggles when replacing them. The lamp itself is merely fixed by another screw.

Acer  x1623h projector connector

The lamp hours are often read out at any time via the onscreen menu. a replacement lamp module currently costs around 100 euros. Replacing the lamp won't cause you to poor and you ought to enjoy the Acer X1623H for several years.

Conclusion: Acer's price-performance monster with all-round qualities

The Acer X1623H surprised me positively throughout the test. It offers a high-resolution, bright picture altogether situations. And may convince both within the home theatre and at the lawn party. 

There are more accurate projectors with even more features, but you've got to place several hundred euros more on the table for these. The Acer X1623H is extremely well equipped for many applications.

 3D films are tons of fun with optionally available shutter glasses. The Acer also can be used as a supplement to the tv. All of the 3D BluRays need to be watched too.

The high contrast is convincing and therefore the 1.3x zoom ensures a really large projection area even in small rooms. Although you've got to simply accept restrictions. Within the choice of connection, you'll anticipate a long-lasting device. 

Acer  x1623h projector connector 2

Inexpensive spare parts make it possible. the sole real disadvantage is that the relatively high volume of the Acer projector. In normal mode, there's tons of noise and will quickly become annoying for the faint of heart.

In Eco mode, however, the quantity improves dramatically. I might always advise you to try to do this in dark rooms. 

The very bright normal mode is merely really recommended in bright living rooms or outdoors. If you'll accept the restrictions mentioned, then with the Acer X1623H you get the present price-performance king under 400 € *. No other projector during this segment offers a mixture of resolution, image quality, and brightness on this level.

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