Acer XF250QC Gaming Monitor - Affordable meteor with 240Hz

 Acer XF250QC Gaming Monitor

With a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a quick TN panel. The Acer XF250QC plays within the highest league of gaming monitors. only it involves price is he very frugal. Our test explains why even ambitious gamers should not be unsettled by the latter.

Acer XF250QC Gaming Monitor screen

A Full HD resolution doesn't sound like much initially. But on 25-inch it offers a pleasing compromise. With most graphics cards you get high frame rates. And at an equivalent time a pleasing image sharpness. 240Hz and a reaction time of 1 millisecond should also meet even the very best gaming demands. Especially for first-person shooters like Fortnite. PUBG or Apex Legends, gamers get a nominal display. With the Acer XF250QC that ought to play within the Champions League.

Scope of delivery and assembly - possible quickly and without tools

Acer includes an influence and a DisplayPort cable within the packaging of the Acer XF250QC. The individual parts are well packed and assembly is quick and straightforward. it's also nice that you simply can do without tools completely. You attach the stand to the leg with a hand screw then hang the latter on the monitor.

possible quickly and without tools

There also are four pre-drilled holes for a VESA wall or table mount under the hanging mechanism. it's good that each one connection on the Acer XF250QC points downwards. Even flat wall mountings are not any problem.

Design and workmanship - understatement with accents

The base and monitor are each kept rather minimalist. A round plastic plate with a roughened surface. Ensures a stable hold because of the metal on the underside. A red ring around the base indicates the gaming ambitions of the Acer XF250QC

Acer XF250QC

The angular pillar sits enthroned on the ring. This has also integrated rudimentary cable routing via a square lock. So you'll keep the cables far away from your desk.

In contrast to the bottom, the surface of the leg is matt. Fingerprints are more likely to be seen here. it's still not as bad as models with a piano lacquer look. the rear is meant during a strikingly simple manner. Striking because it might also fit an office monitor, but here you're sitting ahead of a true gaming beast. Personally, I prefer understatement. But it still doesn't quite match the aspirations of the Acer XF250QC. additionally, to horizontal stripes, an Acer lettering is an ornament. Otherwise, Acer has again opted for roughened plastic because of the material.

Acer XF250QC stand

The front doesn't exude far more gaming flair - it's still chic. Very thin display edges also make multi-monitor operations possible. An exciting option, especially for first-person shooters, racing games, or flight simulators. The lower fringe of the Acer XF250QC is kept wider and is dominated by an "Acer" lettering within the middle. The control buttons and therefore. The status LED of the Acer monitor is located on the lower right-hand side.

Personally, I prefer the minimalist design of the Acer XF250QC. it's aimed more at adult gamers who also use their monitor for work. It doesn't matter whether you place the Acer XF250QC. During a modern or classically furnished front room. Because its exterior blends in well everywhere without protruding. 

By doing without RGB lights, the Acer's low price probably comes about. Fortunately, no savings were made on processing. This is often consistently very successful. the gaps are an ideal fit and therefore the materials are torsion-resistant and of top quality.

Ergonomic functions - anything is feasible.

If you would like to gamble competitively, ergonomics may be a clincher for your success. Because you'll only concentrate fully on the sport with the proper seating position. The Acer XF250QC is fully equipped in order that you'll adopt it to all or any circumstances. Most monitors are often tilted - but the Acer a touch more. Because from -5 degrees to +35 degrees is extremely neat and allows the monitor to be positioned deep or high.

Ergonomic functions

I would not recommend this, however, because looking down or up over the future can cause neck and back pain. On the opposite hand, the Acer, fortunately. Features a height adjustment feature that also offers a good adjustment range excellent. If you would like to position it during a corner. You'll also swivel the monitor on its base by 60 degrees to the left or to the proper. And for coders, editors, and graphic artists. There's even a pivot function that permits an upright image format. As you'll see, the Acer XF250QC really offers every possibility to regulate it in your gaming or workplace.

Connections - more for the image, but with a restrictio

An HDMI 2.0 and a DisplayPort 1.2 connection can each feed the Acer XF250QC with its maximum resolution and refresh rate. additionally, Acer has also integrated an outdated HDMI 1.4 port. With this, you get a maximum of 120Hz at full HD resolution. If you connect the monitor via HDMI, you ought to confirm that you simply connect it to the right port.

Acer XF250QC wires

The older HDMI standard is a minimum of suitable for a TV stick or a console since these don't make use of the high frame rates anyway. you'll also connect your headphones or speakers to the Acer monitor via the jack connection.

A USB hub, however, isn't installed. this is often a touch of a shame, as gaming headsets especially are well catered for in monitor USB slots.

If you would like to require the Acer XF250QC with you to the LAN party, you'll secure it with a Kensington lock. The device is found next to the connection for the IEC cable. The latter supplies the interior power supply of the Acer monitor with power. This even features a dedicated on-off button ready.

Menu - stylishly designed and lots of options, only the operation may be a bit problematic

Menus can Acer. The red and black look of the OSD reminds you of the gaming characteristics of the XF250QC. it's a logical structure and is appealing because of its sizable amount of settings. So you get the separate pictures, colors, audio, and gaming menus.

Only the navigation in and between these menus may be a bit annoying. With the five control buttons, the navigation works quite. Well after a familiarization, but there's always an error here and there. Which then immediately makes the entire menu disappear. In my opinion, operation by joystick is usually preferable. And prevents finger gymnastics on the monitor.

Acer XF250QC wires connections

In addition to the extensive menus, you furthermore may get quick selection modes and gaming features. The latter include, for instance, “Black Boost”, for brightening the black values and overdrive. For faster response and overclocking of the monitor. The Acer XF250QC also offers switchable crosshairs.

Display - bright and well lit

Acer uses a TN panel for the XF250QC. this suggests that you simply need to compromise on viewing angles and contrast, but you get the fastest response times.

With our Spyder Elite, we wanted to seek out out whether the display is additionally suitable for everyday use outside of gaming. the color space coverage is okay, but might be better. The sRGB and AdobeRGB color spaces are particularly important for editing photos. Here you'll work very solidly in Photoshop within the former with 96% coverage.

Display - bright and well lit

Professionals, on the opposite hand, pay more attention to Adobe RGB coverage. At 73%, this is often a touch too low to hold out color-critical work. For the occasional editing of vacation photos, however. The sRGB cover is definitely sufficient. If you tend to edit videos and also want to use HDR. The Acer XF250QC isn't for you, because its 8-bit panel cannot display the extra colors. For a gaming monitor, that's not regrettable either.

The color homogeneity at maximum brightness is superb. It describes how evenly colors are reproduced in several areas of the XF250QC. the very best deviation with a Delta-E of only 3.1 is on the lower right edge. This suggests that the Acer monitor offers excellent uniformity. Which becomes even better once you turn down the screen brightness.

Unfortunately, the XF250QC weakens in terms of color fidelity. It describes how accurately colors are reproduced in each case. The typical Delta-E of three .33 means you'll see significant differences in colors. When printing or compared to a calibrated screen. Blue, red, and brown tones especially are a touch out of the standard. Gray and yellow tones, on the opposite hand, are relatively accurate. If you actually want to edit pictures with the Acer. Then I like to recommend a calibration via Datacolor Spyder or Xrite Color Checker.

The gamma values, on the opposite hand, are excellent. Gamma 1.8 and therefore the more important Gamma 2.2 are compatible with their respective settings. With the Acer monitor, you'll anticipate to very precise. Gray values and excellent brightness correction.

Display - bright

The brightness is then also one among the hobbyhorses of the Acer XF250QC. Officially, it's already very bright with 400nits, but in our test, it can even be a touch extra. Our test device exceeds the factory specification by a touch of quite one-hundredth and shines with a mean of 404.8nits.

The differences in illumination also are kept within limits. Only 8.2% separate the lightest and darkest parts of the monitor. A difference of but 10% within the illumination can not be seen with the eye. The little drawback, however, is that the minimum brightness. this is often 77nits. If you wish to play or add very dark rooms, then that would already be too light. But that's usually where you've got RGB lighting on your gaming PC. a classy lamp for a lighting fixture does an equivalent, of course.

Due to the interaction of the matt display coating and high maximum brightness, the Acer XF250QC is often used alright in very bright rooms. Even gaming with the sun behind you is essentially possible as long as your display content isn't too dark.

Acer XF250QC RGB

As already mentioned, in no time. TN panels, unfortunately, have two major disadvantages. A poor contrast compared to IPS and particularly VA panels is one thing. the opposite is that the really suboptimal viewing angles. If you sit slightly at an angle to the middle of the screen and don't have enough distance to the monitor. You'll see a transparent brightening of the image areas. Colors also change their appearance from a side perspective. If viewing angles are extremely important to you, then you've got to seem out for a model with an IPS panel. However, these are far more expensive and have slower response times. Professional gamers and people who want to become one sit in their usual position. Anyway and aren't disturbed by poor black levels or viewing angles.

Our Spyder measures the contrast of the monitor at 674: 1. These are normal values for a TN panel. you should not hear the usually mentioned dynamic contrast. this is often an absurd 100,000,000: 1 for the Acer. In practice, the dynamic contrast doesn't improve the contrast ratio in the least and also destroys the solid color display of the monitor.


Despite its high brightness, the panel of the XF250QC is restricted to 8-bit and can't display quite 16.7 million colors via dithering or frame rate control. So HDR isn't a problem either. As a gamer especially, the shortage of this feature is often quite tolerated. thus far there are hardly any monitors with an honest HDR implementation.

Gaming - suitable for professionals

So far, most 240Hz displays are too expensive compared to 144Hz models to recommend. Them to the traditional gamer nearby with a transparent conscience. But that changes with the Acer XF250QC. Seldom features a gaming monitor so consistently pursued the road of maximum performance. While keeping the worth down at an equivalent time. With Adaptive-Sync, FreeSync, and G-Sync compatibility. You'll hang the monitor on really any reasonably up-to-date graphics card. Then you run, shoot and jump streak-free through Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends.

Gaming Basic funcation

The monitor automatically synchronizes its frame rate with the frames of your AMD. FreeSync or Nvidia graphics card (G-Sync). To try to do this, simply activate the Adaptive-Sync setting. Within the XF250QC menu and therefore the respective option. Within the graphics card driver.

Although the monitor with a pixel density of 89 PPI isn't outstandingly sharp. It's still significantly sharper than a full HD resolution on a 27-inch monitor. you'll also easily discover distant opponents. And you're usually faster anyway. Because the reaction time of the monitor feels extremely high. The jump from 144Hz to 240Hz isn't as clear because of the jump from 60 / 75Hz to 144Hz. But you'll still notice a particular difference. Movements in games are again a corner softer, everything feels more fluid and direct. The 1080p resolution also ensures that you simple. Still getting relatively smooth frame rates even with older graphics cards.

Gaming - suitable for professionals

Another gaming feature is switchable crosshairs. There are a complete of three different designs. With which you'll beautify the middle of the Acer screen. this suggests you've got more target water in FPS games. Although most of the features are clearly aimed toward shooter fans. Racing gamers will in fact also enjoy the very high frame rate and reaction time of the Acer monitor.

Sound - better than the competition

The built-in speakers in monitors are usually not the simplest. Often they are available with a measly two watts per copy and sound tinny and screeching. The Acer XF250QC has installed two boxes with three watts each. you'll actually hear the difference well. You ought to better connect an external system or headphones. Here, too, but it's enough for the occasional YouTube video. Basses can only be heard with a lightweight knock and therefore. The sound lacks volume in other respects. but if you watch videos and films that are mainly dialog-heavy, then you'll tolerate it.

Sound - better than the competition

Nevertheless, I might advise you to attach your headphones or sound system to the three .5mm blade connector.

Conclusion Acer XF250QC - Inexpensive gaming monitor for (budding) professional gamers

For ambitious gamers without an enormous budget, the Acer XF250QC may be a game-changer. Because for the primary time you get a top-class gaming display for fewer than 300 euros. this provides you a transparent advantage in fast shooters. There are only a couple of faster displays and these also are significantly costlier. The Acer monitor dispenses with major gimmicks - like RGB lighting - and instead offers. More important features - like comprehensive ergonomic functions. There also are many gaming features available. for instance, you'll lighten the black levels, activate an overdrive, or turn on crosshairs.

Sound  better good

The XF250QC makes minor blunders in terms of color reproduction, viewing angles, and contrast. But this is often largely thanks to TN technology. because of this, gamers get faster response times - and that is what matters to them. Overall, I can recommend the Acer XF250QC for anyone who really wants to play shooter games. And doesn't want to spend an excessive amount. Thanks to its relative understatement - compared to other gaming monitors. The monitors also blend in well with any environment. Its excellent workmanship is additionally more likely to be expected in higher-priced models.

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